Mobile Automation Testing using APPIUM tool

As everyone knows the mobile usage is growing drastically. Tons of new mobile applications are coming out daily. While serving the development and testing needs of these companies, we use automation with respect to manual testing. Please find below few po... Read more

How to start with Cucumber Automation ?

This blog will help you understand, how we can introduce automation to our daily QA processes for executing repeating test cases with an example. A little insight into Automation with Cucumber : Automation is a widely used term. But knowing its applica... Read more

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My Experience with Test Driven Development

A few months ago, my team was working on building an application offering online coupon codes to the masses. An important discovery was made during the project. The development team realized that a small negligent change made in a ‘not so critical’ piece o... Read more

Testing your JavaScript code.

JavaScript is pretty popular nowadays. There are a variety of JavaScript frameworks for the front-end development (Angularjs,Backbonejs etc) and a server side technology as well(Nodejs) which has it's own set of frameworks (Expressjs, Koajs) for ease of develo... Read more

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[caption id="attachment_2303" align="alignnone" width="268"]               COP FLUNG GUN[/caption] User scenarios and Functionality may be the major theme while testing any software. Software generally comes with detailed help file. Complex and unfamil... Read more

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What’s next in Testing?

Testing has always been the part of product development. Every single block of code needs to be tested. Initially it was manual testing that mattered so much then came automation testing. So what could be next? We will try and find out. Why did manual t... Read more

Handling Certificate errors on Firefox in Selenium

When we test some sites, we might get SSL Certificate errors and it will be annoying for the Automation testers. They need to manually click on 'Add Exception' which doesn't help when we go for executing Automation regression packs. It is not possible for the ... Read more

Automating web-app testing for beginners

Automating the process of testing is, using a testing tool which will automatically perform tasks for the tester, tester only has to execute a set of tests using the tool and it tests those without the need of manual intervention. For a newbie this won't make ... Read more

Steps to use Testlink – Test Management Tool

To know about Testlink and to install Testlink on your own machine; click on  the below URL contains Testlink use and how to setup/Install Testlink Test Management tool in your windows machine:: ... Read more

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Testlink and Installation Steps

Testlink (Test Management Tool) Testlink Tool Features: Open source (free to use) test management tool. Requirement mapping can be done. Organize test cases dynamically. Track of test cases execution results. Can integrate with bug tracking tool... Read more