Machine Learning on iOS and Android

With the growing popularity of machine learning, artificial neural networks and other forms of artificial intelligence, the urge for ML and AI processing in mobile devices is quite fair.   In WWDC 2017 Apple announced CoreML framework which excited many ... Read more

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How We Achieved 100% Test Coverage and Code Quality For A Leading Technology Company In The Travel Industry

  One of our existing client needed to build a mobile app for their business. They are leaders in the online travel industry doing business of over USD 2 billion and selling well over 3 million Hotel rooms annually. Considering the transformative fe... Read more

Mobile Automation Testing using APPIUM tool

As everyone knows the mobile usage is growing drastically. Tons of new mobile applications are coming out daily. While serving the development and testing needs of these companies, we use automation with respect to manual testing. Please find below few po... Read more

A Guide to Swift 3 Migration for iOS App

The Apple-introduced Swift programming language has become very popular among developers. Swift was quickly adopted by iOS and iPhone application development companies, for its speed and efficiency. Since attaining open source status in December 2015, ... Read more

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WWDC 2016 Keynote Highlights: iOS 10, Siri, macOS Sierra, watch OS3

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 commenced today in San Francisco on June 13, 2016. Apple covered four main platforms at the WWDC 2016 keynote: Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac and iPhone/iPad. Four operating systems were discussed, a unifor... Read more

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Publish your application to various platforms with PhoneGap Build

     PhoneGap platform enables a developer to create an app that runs on a variety of mobile devices.            PhoneGap build is a service allows you to publish your application to various platforms without changing a bit of code. Simply you can ... Read more

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Getting Started to PhoneGap in iOS

PhoneGap is an open source framework that allows you to create mobile apps using standards-based web technologies to bridge web applications and mobile devices. PhoneGap allows to build applications for a variety of mobile platforms, using familiar web technol... Read more

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MiniMap in Unity3D

Basically we all think that we are hard core gamers. We always tries to win the battle at any cost. The RPGs is the most popular category of the games. In this type of games, player is the brave warrior willing to complete his mission. All these types of games... Read more

Convert iPhone PNG (compress files) to standard PNG using PNGConverter

I was trying to use the PNG images stored in iPhone in my PHP program. While analyzing the task I came to know that Apple compressed all the PNG Images which are not visible in window and Linux machine but visible on mac machine. To use the PNG files, I ... Read more

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Wireless Ad-Hoc distribution for iOS apps

Creating Ad-Hoc is an important and integral part of iPhone application development. It helps us in testing the app during development phase on our device and improve before it hits the Apple app store. Steps for creating wireless Ad-Hoc distr... Read more

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