Wanted: Startup Programmers

Programmers or developers are the catalysts who drive a web or application-based startup. They are the very wheels that power a startup train forward. Selecting a programmer or any other employee is thus a critical process. So, how do you go about assembling... Read more

What to keep In-house and what to Offshore?

Do you have a compelling product idea? Want to build a new product? Are you new to outsourcing industry? And would like to understand what you should keep in-house and what you should offshore? There is a very important need to be educated with truthful kno... Read more

How to not to screw up when managing an offshore project

You heard? Too many of the offshore projects stuck in the last few years. As per The Aberdeen Group statistics, nearly 30 percent of the projects failed in the past years, even further the failure rate increases to 50 percent when it comes to offshore develope... Read more

by Dipak Mawale | 28th January 2014 | 861 Views # # # # #