A Battle of Trios: Python vs Ruby vs Golang

Every computing language has its history, strong points and a framework around which it works. Each language has its era, a peak period of efficiency, utility and popularity. Among the programming languages that are in prolific use, we talk about three prime... Read more

by Snehith Kumbla | 25th March 2015 | 21338 Views # # # #

Exploring various alternatives for building Real Time Web Application

Real Time refers to a systems response time being the same as the real world system. Real time web app is one of the techno industries favourite buzzwords because real time technologies are making web application faster and in some cases, equivalent from d... Read more

by Cuelogic | 7th October 2014 | 16388 Views # # # # # # # #

How to Install Rails on Windows

Here are some simple and basic steps to install RoR on Windows.   Step 1: Ruby Installation 1) Download the rubyinstaller to install the  version of ruby http://rubyinstaller.org/downloads/ The latest version of ruby is 2.0 but it has issues ... Read more

by Prashant Gurav | 22nd January 2014 | 1453 Views # # # #